Here's what our users say about video meetings! 

" PRO is like a breath of fresh air in a smog of outdated, cumbersome video conferencing tools. We absolutely love it!"

– Marcus Eikeland, Innovation Lab

“Meetings serve dual purposes on remote teams: talking about work, and also reminding everyone that they are on a team”

— Stella Garber, Trello blog.


“With the number of people working remotely growing rapidly, I see a huge future for appear in many start up's lives”

Jared Dykas, Fownders


"Seeing Brad joining my room is a difficult feeling to describe. I could feel all the challenges remote working in web/app development drift away that instant."

– Chris Long, Four Pi



"At Coworklisboa our vision is It’s Not About Work Anymore® – and that is because we understood that Coworking is a place – a phygital one – where one can ALSO work. Coworking, in fact, has more to do with hospitality than work. Freelancers, nomads, entrepreneurs come to us looking for an extension to their homes or a community. And since we want to be face to face with our coworkers and teams also when it's not live at a desk – we use for digital meeting productivity."

— Fernando Mendes, Coworklisboa


"Love this app. So simple and more reliable than Google Hangouts"

Travis Dailey, Product Hunt user collaborates with Google for WebRTC development”

Maija Kopola, Arctic Startup


"So easy it almost hurts."

Kate Russell, BBC Click (2:20 in video) is a trusted collaboration tool for companies like