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Here's what our users say about video meetings! 

" PRO is like a breath of fresh air in a smog of outdated, cumbersome video conferencing tools. We absolutely love it!"

– Marcus Eikeland, Innovation Lab

"We use everyday for our daily stand-ups and weekly product planning meetings. makes work easy and collaboration fun!" 

– Sara Hoeg, Product Manager at Podio

“Meetings serve dual purposes on remote teams: talking about work, and also reminding everyone that they are on a team”

— Stella Garber, Trello blog.


“With the number of people working remotely growing rapidly, I see a huge future for appear in many start up's lives”

Jared Dykas, Fownders


"Seeing Brad joining my room is a difficult feeling to describe. I could feel all the challenges remote working in web/app development drift away that instant."

– Chris Long, Four Pi



"At Coworklisboa our vision is It’s Not About Work Anymore® – and that is because we understood that Coworking is a place – a phygital one – where one can ALSO work. Coworking, in fact, has more to do with hospitality than work. Freelancers, nomads, entrepreneurs come to us looking for an extension to their homes or a community. And since we want to be face to face with our coworkers and teams also when it's not live at a desk – we use for digital meeting productivity."

— Fernando Mendes, Coworklisboa


"Love this app. So simple and more reliable than Google Hangouts"

Travis Dailey, Product Hunt user

“ collaborates with Google for WebRTC development”

Maija Kopola, Arctic Startup


"So easy it almost hurts."

Kate Russell, BBC Click (2:20 in video)