Our Remote Team: Welcoming Brian

Our remote team is growing and we’re adding Trondheim to the ever growing list of working locations!

At appear.in we are proud to be a remote company and one of our core value is embrace flexibility, which means that people can choose their own work location. We believe that if people can choose their own location and organize their life as they like, then they’ll be happy at work and have higher productivity.

Brian Chen is our new WebRTC guru, combining a hectic family life in Trondheim while working remotely from the co-working space DIGS. He is also a Chinese native, so we are excited to learn Mandarin.

Interested in a new challenge regardless of where you call home?

I've had a chat with our new team member about joining the appear.in team and remote work culture (of course using appear.in).


Meet Brian

Who are you Brian?

I grew up in Shanghai, China. I came to Norway first to be an intern at Sogndal for almost 8 months. This experience made me fall in love with the nature of Norway, plus I got hooked on skiing and snowboarding. Then I decided to get my masters degree at NTNU, which is located in Trondheim. At first my goal wasn’t to stay in Trondheim for many years, until I met my wife Janne. Now we have a small family with a 1.5 years old daughter and I have lived in Trondheim for almost 7 years.

I have been working as front-end web developer in telco business for different digital services. It is an exciting time to be a web developer to keep learning and struggling in different new technologies and frameworks. Specifically, I really enjoy Typescript and the open source community.

Why did you want to join appear.in?

Funny thing is that I knew Ingrid, one of the founders of appear.in, when we were in university. I heard many good things about the company culture and talked to some of the earlier employees. I know that appear.in encourages colleagues to work remotely and experience what our customer needs by using it as our main communication tool. So this was a great chance to try out remote work by just doing it.

I’m also interested in WebRTC and believe in that we can use it to help people work more freely. To be able to have instant face to face conversation with just a few clicks in the browser is amazing. Not needing to install a program or register for a subscription can really reduce the challenge for people to work.

What is your experience with remote work?

This is the first time working remote for me, but I have been contributing to some open source projects now and then, which makes me believe remote work is working. Most of open source projects are living proof that remote work can create great products.

The idea to be able to work wherever and whenever fits my need is so great to try out. It helps me to focus on my work and to not be stressed by the other outside influences.

What is a fun fact about you?

I once joined one hamburger eating contest to eat 15 layers of beef hamburger in 15 mins, which I succeeded. But I made my mind to never do it again… The aftermath was quite brutal.

What is your best remote work hack?

For me, it is checking my calendar first to have overview of meetings today. I think it is important for me to know how much time I can use to do concentrated work. For example, having a meeting at my co-working space requires some preparation to find a quiet space.