Video Conferencing for the Future – Is Being Acquired By Videonor

 CEO at Videonor, Øyvind Reed and CEO at, ingrid Ødegaard at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, where our new common office is 

CEO at Videonor, Øyvind Reed and CEO at, ingrid Ødegaard at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, where our new common office is 

Today we’re excited to announce a new chapter in the story. We are joining forces with Videonor and together we are going to build video conferencing for the future!

Back in 2013, started as a summer intern project in the Telenor incubator environment. Before Christmas that same year, had already been used in nearly every country across the globe. Since then and until today, a lot has happened. At the same time as we constantly iterate on the product, we have grown to become a team of 18, reached almost 5 million monthly conversations and recently launched a paid PRO version of A big part of growing as a startup with global ambitions, also means finding a product market fit and a brand position.

Founded in 2010, Videonor was among the very first in the world to offer cloud-based video conferencing at a low monthly cost. With clients in 50+ countries, Videonor currently helps global enterprises, startups, academic institutions and national sports teams communicate more effectively.

“ has succeeded in building a product that excites the next generation of workers, in addition to generating strong growth and being inherently viral. By combining this with our experience in working towards the business market, we believe we can build a new super power in the video conferencing industry.”

– CEO of Videonor Øyvind Reed. 

What happens next?

We’re excited about merging with Videonor because we share the same values and vision for the future. Video meetings and conferencing should be easy, affordable and productive. Together, we are going to make remote collaboration as friction-free as possible. As part of Videonor, we are strengthening both our knowledge and capacity as a team. With new investments in place, we will be able to focus more on research and development that will improve and make the user experience even better for our users.  

In short this means we are going to keep building new features and awesome integrations to the productivity tools you're using today. We'll be keeping it simple, fun and productive to collaborate over video – no matter where you decide your office is. Together we are taking remote collaboration to the next level!

Thank you to all the users that have joined us so far on our adventures. Without you, wouldn't have been what it is today, so keep engaging with us and continue giving us your constructive feedback. This is how we have built, and and we want to keep it that way!

December 17th an article about the acquisition was published in Norwegian news paper Dagens Næringsliv.

 Videonor was founded in beautiful Måløy in Norway. 

Videonor was founded in beautiful Måløy in Norway. 

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