The top 5 gadgets for remote work and productive workations

In addition to your laptop, smartphone and their chargers, here’s what you need to bring for ultimate productivity on your next workation 👊 💻🌍

Cottage office set-up on point ✅ 

Cottage office set-up on point ✅ 

Over the last year I’ve tried to compress the size of what I have with me of work-related necessities when I travel. I always try to pack as light as possible, and in this list I’ve narrowed it down to only 5 gadgets in addition to my laptop and smartphone. Enjoy and please comment if you have tips I can share with my remote working team of both engineers and product people at 💚 💬

My top 5 gadgets for remote work

  1. My beloved QuietComfort25 by Bose is always with me. Noise cancelling headphones is a must for productive remote work and efficient video meetings. I sometimes exchange them for my pink pair of VASA BLÅ wireless in-ear model by Sudio Sweden if I go for short and ultra light travel.
  2. For proper workations I always bring my Huddly Go intelligent wide-angle camera by Huddly Inc. I’ve written a product review including some tips here for you to check out.
  3. Mobile storage for all my pictures and video clips (both professional and personal). I’ve had a few of these and highly recommend the Rugged collection by LaCie after experiencing hard drives from other brands are very fragile.
  4. An adequate camera that matches your needs. I’ve recently updated to Sony Alpha 7ii. It’s smaller than my previous camera with a mirror, perfect for video and has the best “auto”
  5. Contigo Eva Solo Thermal Mug and Water bottles aren't technically technical gadgets — however  —  when you stay hydrated and awake, you’re more productive. The main reason I’ve fallen for these brands are the “lock” functions that makes it safe to carry fluids in the same bag as my tech. In addition, their BPA free products and eco conscious lines make them obvious choices for me.

This is my go-to packing list to help you out the next time you’re leaving for a workation (or any other form of remote work). It's worth mentioning that at we have more than a few recommendations for remote office set-ups. As I work with marketing and I'm a lot on the go, having a great camera is for instance important to me and for my productivity. An engineer might have other needs.

In this FAQ article you'll find our hardware-guide for setting up video meeting rooms. If you know of other tools or gadgets we should check out or review, leave a comment below 💬or ask us on Twitter 😀

My train office last summer 😂

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