The Remotivation Podcast: "The startup with a social conscience"

The Remotivation Podcast 📻

We have partnered with Innovation Lab for a Podcast series that explores the future of work!

In this podcast episode Joscha Raue shares how the team behind are building a startup with a social conscience.

Joscha Raue is a entrepreneur and lifelong learner. As co-Founder of Think.iT his mission is connecting brilliance with opportunity. His venture invests in North Africa’s future technology leaders, thereby helping companies tap into new talent pools and build top-performing engineering teams.

Whatever the future of work may hold, we know remote working will have an significant impact on it’s design. That’s why we are really excited to be talking to Joscha Raue, one of the founders of Think-it which Forbes describes as “The startup with a social conscience”. Listen in to learn how their platform is enabling thousands of North African’s to claim their space in the global war for tech talent.

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