Business is here for easy collaboration across teams


Our goal at has always been to make collaboration over video as seamless and easy as possible. With Business, you can share all of the great features that are available in our PRO plan with your entire team using a shared Business account! You’ll also have access to our entire suite of add-ons and features, and you’ll even have a custom subdomain ( so you can guarantee the rooms you want are available!

A plan designed for businesses

Private subdomain

There are common rooms names (like, “sales” or “dailystandup”) that many customers can’t use because the domain is already taken by another PRO customer. We decided that with the new Business plan, users shouldn’t need to settle for their second pick of room name; so every Business account comes with a subdomain ( This guarantees that any room name you could want will be available to create. Sign up now to reserve your company’s subdomain!

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Team Management

Many of our PRO customers are using two or more PRO accounts for their team in order to patch together multiple users under a single team management system. With the creation of Business, centralized account management allows teams to manage billing and payments, multiple admin roles, and company-wide branding, so you can manage your entire team from one convenient location.


Branding and Customization

Branding is important for both internal and external meetings, so we built in customization features that let you make your rooms your own. With Business, you can create a consistent design across all of the rooms in your account with our Branding feature. Set up logos, backgrounds, and welcome pages that fit your brand, and apply them to every room at once with the click of a button.

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Familiar features, plus some extras

We felt that Business customers shouldn’t need to sacrifice on features, so we included all of the features that are available in PRO with for Business. Everything from larger room sizes to Branding of your rooms is baked in to Business.

We also included all of our add-ons like the new Recording feature, and a Calendar integration with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook so you can add your meeting room information with one button. You can see all of the features that are included with Business on our Pricing Page.


Plans that grow with your business

Start with the plan that fits your team and scale as you need! To service teams of all different shapes, sizes, and use cases, we’ve created Small, Medium, and Large Business. Plans range from 25 to 50+ rooms, and are made up of Team rooms (shared) and Personal rooms (one for each user). Everyone on your team will have access to the meeting spaces they need.

Have custom video meeting needs? Contact sales and speak with our account managers to create a custom plan that works for you.

Every user in a Business account has their own Personal Room which they manage and control. In addition to this, your account comes with a certain number of Team Rooms, which are perfect for stand-ups, team meetings, and projects.

Upgrade your team today, and start collaborating like never before!