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RoverPass is to the #vanlife community what is for travellers – an online booking site for motorhome parks and RV campgrounds. Joseph Pineiro at RoverPass shares the story of how "an office on wheels" can become reality.

RoverPass user story written by Meri at, interviewing Joseph Pineiro at RoverPass.

The RoverPass team collaborating from 4 different locations

The RoverPass team collaborating from 4 different locations

As a distributed team in several countries, how do you collaborate?

Long before we started using, in early days of business, the RoverPass team members were struggling to communicate well with remote and international employees. Our data team works from India, and many of the developers are from abroad.  As a remote team we needed a way to communicate easily between multiple offshore team members as if they were face to face. Back then most communication with remote workers was done via phone calls and email. As a result, there were errors in the message being communicated that resulted in time being spent inefficiently. We realised we were in need of a better way to relay information to these employees, and found!

How has changed the way you work at RoverPass?

Without exaggerating, provided an easy solution to our communication issues overnight. With, it was suddenly easy to create a virtual meeting room where all remote and offshore employees could meet in one place. It eliminated the need for costly international calls and made international employees feel more like they were part of the team. Most of our team is working out of Austin, but it's important for us to make all the remoties feel like they are part of that same "office culture".

Also, goes hand in hand with the lifestyle many RVers live by. As the tiny house movement is getting bigger, people are starting to both live and work out of their mobile homes. Just as us, they need online tools like to function as their "office".

Do you have an example of a challenge solved for you?

The biggest challenge that solved for us, was the time issue. With, we suddenly wasted way less time dealing with messy phone calls and long email threads. Thanks to, RoverPass has happier and well informed employees who all feel like a part of the team, no matter where they work from. When the communication flow is good, it also allows us as a company to utilize our employees to their maximum potential. And people hare happier when they are challenged and activated.

To everyone who's curious, what is RoverPass?


In one sentence, RoverPass is an online booking site for RV parks and campgrounds. We've basically built an online booking system that lets campgrounds without an online presence get a free website built for them within days, while campers who use RoverPass can easily find and reserve campsites across the country without having to place a call or do manual research online.

We were only founded as a company a few years ago but have quickly grown into one of the largest players in the RVing industry in the United States. Later on we've also developed more services such as a "Frequent Travellers Account" that gives discounts and flat rates for people who are on the road for longer periods of time. 

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