Never miss a meeting again – recording is here!

With the new PRO recording add-on, you can record your meetings with the push of a button. When the meeting is done, you can stop the recording and immediately download a copy for your own personal use. Share it with your remote employees, or post it in your group communication channel for later viewing! We’ve listened to our users and now the feature is here for you to try. is for professionals

As is becoming more professional, we’re launching recording as an add-on feature this September. We are doing this to make it even easier for you to build professional relationships with video meetings. The future of work means collaborating with colleagues, clients, partners and peers over video becomes a daily assignment, and we want to offer the features you’re requesting. recording is just one of several news to come. With even more of the good stuff, for Business is just around the corner – being developed especially for professional use. Among other things, for Business will let you create meeting rooms under your company sub-domain (

When to record meetings

With the new recording feature you will now be able to watch whole meetings and follow up discussions even if you didn’t attend the actual meeting. To get you started with recording, we’ve selected a few use cases where recording comes in really handy.

Record for reference in the future 🎥

For remote and distributed teams meeting recordings are such a timesaver. It’s nearly impossible to find more than a few hours each day when an international remote team can attend meetings together. In our team we have a great routine of recording our weekly Monday updates so that everyone in the different time zones can view it when they start their Monday.

Even without remote attendance, recording can be ideal for any team in case you want a meeting as a future reference. Sometimes it can be instead of taking notes. Sometimes it might be to invite others to later watch decisions being taken by recording to create transparency in your team. Since the recording feature is so easy to use, it won’t cost you anything to record a meeting for future reference.

Knowledge transfer: on-boarding a project 🔍

Imagine how much time you can save on for instance sales training? In our experience, knowledge transfer and on-boarding a project becomes so much easier with video recordings. Letting new team members or project participants watch a few selected meetings or even tutorials removes a lot of manual training. You can create a tutorial by sharing your screen in a video meeting while recording. In this way you can take people through processes and programmes in an efficient and personal way – made by your own employees.

Recruiting 👧🏼👱🏽👦🏾👩🏻

Often, there are people other than those present during the interview that will be involved in recruitment of new employees. Recording of potential prospects is a simple way to involve others in the process. Sharing the initial interview with key people in your company, makes the selective process easier and it may even decrease the number of interviews each prospect needs to attend. Remember to always notify the prospect before recording.

Presentations 📈

Regardless of whether it's for internal or external use, video recording is a smart way to document presentations.

Often when conferences are looking for speakers, they ask you to send recordings from conferences and events you’ve spoken at. Sometimes talks aren’t recorded, or you simply haven’t gotten any experience yet. Presenting on while recording yourself is a great way to get started. You can easily record your session, download it and afterwards share it on YouTube, Facebook or other preferred social channels where you want those views.

4 PRO tips for recording


Get recording by

going to our order page. If you have an existing PRO account you’ll see your subscription option pre-selected.

  1. Use We-transfer for sharing of file to yourself - for instance from a shared computer to a personal one

  2. Download right away, share whenever. The recording is stored locally on your computer, and will disappear if you sign out.

  3. Create transparency by recording and sharing meetings with the people who weren’t there

  4. Inform people that you’re starting the recording - everyone in the room will be notified the meeting is being recorded.

How do I get started with recording?

Recording with is quick and easy. All you have to do is three simple steps;

  1. Click the record button to start recording

  2. Click stop recording when you want to finish recording

  3. Download it by clicking “Get recording now”

The recording feature is available as an-add on to your PRO account, and can be purchased on the order page for USD $5.00 per month. You will be able to record your meetings and immediately download the recording file from your browser to share with your team. More information on recording and how to add it to your account can be found in our Knowledge Base. PRO: is it for me?

Need a bigger room with more space and power? If 1 meeting room doesn’t cut it, or you want to have meetings with more than 4 people, PRO is for you! PRO lets you have meetings with up to 12 participants and own up to 10 room links. In addition to this, you get auto-fullscreen, access to all of our integrations, custom branding, no login for guests, premium screensharing, recording and much more! As a , you get to own 10 room with up to 10 participants for $9,99/month.

Meri Sorgaard, Product Marketing Manager

Meri is our Social Media and Marketing wizard with endless enthusiasm for Norwegian nature, travelling and cooking. She thinks like a digital native and has at least two smartphones, a tablet and a laptop on her at all times. She has a degree in educational theory and uses that as her approach to marketing, communication and PR. As one of the youngsters in the team Meri already has half a decade within digital marketing in her hiking backpack, and knows who to poke when we have cool updates and stories to share. You never have to ask her what she did over the weekend, as it’s a safe bet it involved an outdoorsy activity (or you saw her always updated Snapchat-story).