The Perfect Software Toolbox For Remote Teams

Hassle-free connectivity is key 🔑

Right? At least that’s bread and water for a friction-free workflow here at Connectivity is no longer just a smooth internet connection, it’s so much more. Remote teams, and the need for remote communication, has raised our expectations to a reality where apps, tools and services work smoothly together and are easily integrated with each other. For our team, the integration of tools are usually top priority, and make or break for whether the app or tool lives to meet bookmark bars, toolbars and home screens.

I love that I can log into all my tools from any computer. Almost all of my work happens in the browser!  – Ingrid Ødegaard, CEO & Co-founder at

We sure have our set of favourite tools and apps in our team here at When I ask Ingrid, CEO and Co-founder here at what importance a seamless software toolbox has in her work life, she immediately replies “I love that I can log into all my tools from any computer. Almost all of my work happens in the browser!”. My personal experience from both working at an agency and now at a product company, is that this list of tools can be the go-to solution for other startups, agencies and freelance collaborations too! Among the software tools and browser-apps we love, you’ll find Slack, Github, inVision, ProdPad, Trello and of course our own product, And why is that? Because the integrations between them make our workflow hassle-free.

The Perfect Software Toolbox should contain:

  1. A task management tool such as Trello
  2. An internal communication tool such as Slack
  3. A video conference tool, such as (yes, I know but ey 😛)
  4. An idea and roadmap bank such as ProdPad
  5. A prototyoing and user testing tool such as InVision
  6. A collaboration platform for your engineers such as GitHub
  7. A place for your files and documents such as Google Drive and Dropbox

And last but not least or 8. — a setup letting the tools feed information to each other! Which is uncomplicated and straightforward thanks to the integrations all the mentioned tools offer :)

The power of connected tools 💪

From Slack you can start a video conversation by typing /appear, and add a card to your Trello board by typing /trello. You can also set GitHub, Prodpad and Dropbox up to feed information to relevant channels in Slack. By pasting the link yo your Trello board in the chat, you can open and work on boards together in the window, and by using Trello Power-ups, you can even open an video room with one click from your board. The fact that all these tools are web-based is what makes integrations like this possible. now allows super smooth integration with Trello! We are super excited because bringing the Trello workflow directly into the meetings makes a lot easier to assign tasks, brainstorm and even follow up projects with remote teams. You can read more about the exiting news here.

Tips 🤓

  1. Learn how to work on Trello boards in your window by watching the video below, or reading here.
  2. Read Marketing Manager at Trello, Stella Garbers Tips For Managing A Remote Team
  3. Check our Events Calendar to find out where to meet us and ask your questions :)

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Meri Sorgaard, Product Marketing Manager

Meri is our Social Media and Marketing wizard with endless enthusiasm for Norwegian nature, travelling and cooking. She thinks like a digital native and has at least two smartphones, a tablet and a laptop on her at all times. She has a degree in educational theory and uses that as her approach to marketing, communication and PR. As one of the youngsters in the team Meri already has half a decade within digital marketing in her hiking backpack, and knows who to poke when we have cool updates and stories to share. You never have to ask her what she did over the weekend, as it’s a safe bet it involved an outdoorsy activity (or you saw her always updated Snapchat-story).