My Remote Worker On-boarding Experience

Meghan Gallagher is the newest Support Specialist to join the team. Here she shares about her fully remote on-boarding experience!

Interviewing and on-boarding are some of the most important processes for a company to get right. They are opportunities to promote their team’s personality, show transparency in their product, and find employees that align with their overall goals. Ever since I first applied for the Customer Support Specialist position, the team has always been transparent and a pleasure to work with, even when I was interviewing with them.

Interview and Offer

My interviewing experience with was almost too good to be true for a number of reasons. The first thing that stood out to me right away was how on top they were with following up or at least letting me know when they were going to follow up. Another aspect I was impressed with was that the culture that was displayed on their website was also present in the way they interviewed; passionate and transparent. When Ashley scheduled a call with me after my final interview to let me know they would like to offer me the position, without question I accepted! The interview process with left a lasting impression on me, so it felt natural to say yes.

Prior to my first day, Ashley had sent me all of my logins as well as my training schedule and I was so pumped. The night before my first day I was so excited to start my new job with an amazing team that I couldn’t sleep!


I started my first day with a call from the rest of the team to welcome me onboard. Throughout the week, I had quick meetings called “coffee chats” with groups of team members to get to know about what they did and who they were. These coffee chats really were a great opportunity to meet my fellow team members being a remote worker. It’s really important to get to know your team members so you can establish trust and build a connection.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.47.19 AM.png

The training consisted of remote video training using, as well as some practice time with tickets! Before we dove into the tickets, Ashley and Vincent prepared a schedule to make sure there wasn’t information overload, and that there was ample time for breaks. Materials were prepared in advance, but there was still room for creativity and conversation! What was really great for me was that there was always room for questions and the schedule was very flexible.

Going Live

When it came time to practice after a few full days of training, I felt nervous but confident. I tried to write notes but found that it was easier to just listen and ask questions when I had them. Since the training was all done in, I found that I had absorbed most of  the information naturally. I felt like I had retained everything, but one of the challenges was me not being sure I remembered everything! Turns out I had nothing to worry about since Ashley and Vincent coached me so well, and the answers to the first few tickets I responded to came to my mind naturally!

In previous remote positions I had worked in, the company gave me all of the materials the day before I started, and I was expected to start working on Day 1. I found that learning the basics prior to getting into the work was extremely beneficial. I had retained more information during training and felt more confident in my answers than in previous positions.

The team made a huge effort to make sure I was welcomed and comfortable, which was very reassuring as a remote team member. There are many companies that advertise they are remote-friendly but still are trying to find the meaning behind this phrase. With my interview and on-boarding experience with, I can confirm this team really cares; be it the team members in the Oslo office or their remote workers. They make sure everyone is included in activities and decision making, regardless of their location.