We joined the buzz at Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week is an activity week aimed at exposing and strengthening the Oslo regions' innovative capacity both at home and abroad. With 50 events including talks, pitches, conferences, workshops, networking and afterwork parties – OIW has become one of the main arenas for everyone with innovative minds. We joined the buzz at OIW 2018!

Sharing & Debate

appear.in CEO Ingrid Ødegaard shared our story, goals and challenges at the Oslo Innovation Week Scale-up Workshop

appear.in CEO Ingrid Ødegaard shared our story, goals and challenges at the Oslo Innovation Week Scale-up Workshop

Scale-up Workshop in a Sauna at SALT Art & Music

Scale-up Workshop in a Sauna at SALT Art & Music

BI (Norwegian Business School) and Scaleupxq invited our CEO, Ingrid Ødegaard to share the appear.in story and our scale-up challenges at the one-day workshop. How to successfully transition into an international growth phase is a challenge many Norwegian startups will and want to face at some point on their journey. One of the challenges Ingrid presented, is the need for more senior, international talent and how to attract them. Another one is the positioning strategy against bigger players in the video communication game. These challenges goes hand-in-hand with what Martin Falck (360 Leaders) pointed out in the opening speech for the workshop, where he asked Norwegian scale-ups to “act global from the start” and to “invest in talent”. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion where Ingrid together with panelists Pål Breiland (Investinor), Kjartan Slette (Unacast) and Danae Ringelmann (Indiegogo) discussed and answered questions from the audience. The workshop and all the participants made us even more proud to be a Norwegian scale-up, while it inspired us to keep working towards our goals.

Are you in a startup? Use the comments below to share your challenges with us.

We were also lucky to be invited to a dinner with both journalists and other founders at "Losæter", a cultural institution dedicated to art and urban agriculture.

Inspiration & Learning


Have you ever seen a “Pushwagnesizer” before? We hadn’t either. Until one of the afterwork parties at Oslo Innovation Week of course. The Pushwagnesizer is a device that allows people to draw faces on the empty faces before it compiles the face and drawing into finalized digital Pushwagner artwork. What made this extra fun for us, is that we have a huge wall of Pushwagner art outside our office window.

One of the events we are always looking forward to, is DNB NXT. At this year’s DNB NXT event we learned about everything from nanotechnology for wound healing to new initiatives to promote Norwegian innovation abroad. Several of the keynotes and sessions were also focusing on better gender equality in the Norwegian business sector, inspiring female entrepreneurship and investors.

At DNB NXT, this year’s main topic was “Sustainable growth” and how we can use sustainability as a competitive advantage. Owners, customers and employees are demanding change from tomorrow's businesses, and DNB NXT definitely delivered on the subject. It’s inspiring to see that both startups and well-established companies invest in sustainability. At appear.in we are passionate about how remote work can result in less travel for meeting activities, and potentially influence change in the infrastructure and thinking around traditional offices.

We can’t wait for OIW 2019!

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