A simpler way to add members to your appear.in rooms!

 "Members" is a PRO feature. You can upgrade  here .

"Members" is a PRO feature. You can upgrade here.

It's now even easier to add members to your appear.in PRO rooms. You can invite members over email or add them while they're in the room. Here's how it works!

First, what's the benefit of being a member of a room?

As a member of an appear.in room, one receives several abilities in addition to just joining the room as a regular invited participant. People can be made members when they're in the room with the owner, or be invited by email by the owner. In other words, one has to be the owner (i.e. the PRO account owner) of the room to be able to add members.

  • Members can use the room also when the owner is not present
  • Members can enter the room when it's locked**
  • Members can edit the settings of the room
  • Members can "remove" participants from the meeting
  • Members can let knocking people in

Still not a PRO user? Upgrade to appear.in PRO now to get the member feature in your appear.in rooms!

How do I add a Member to my appear.in PRO room? 🤔

  1. Log in to your PRO account
  2. Enter the room you'd like to assign a Member to 
  3. Click on the "Settings wheel" in the top tool bar to open up the room settings
  4. Click on the Invite members button (see image below)
  5. Type the email address(es) of the user(s) you'd like to add as a Member
  6.  Click the +Add more link to add additional emails (see image below)
  7. Click "Send invite" once you have all the relevant user emails added***

The user(s) you invited will get a notification in their inbox asking them to accept the Membership request. This email also explains what Members are able to do. They can accept the invite by clicking the "Accept invitation" link in the email.


**We recommended keeping one of your 10 PRO rooms private by not having any Members in it. This way you can guarantee that nobody will interrupt your meetings.

***We recommend that the user you're inviting is already logged in to their account before clicking the Accept invitation link. In the current build, it's possible that the user will mistakenly create a new account through the invite link which may cause confusion. 

However, if the user you're inviting doesn't have an appear.in account, they can create a new account from the invitation link!


Meri Sorgaard, Product Marketing Manager

Meri is our Social Media and Marketing wizard with endless enthusiasm for Norwegian nature, travelling and cooking. She thinks like a digital native and has at least two smartphones, a tablet and a laptop on her at all times. She has a degree in educational theory and uses that as her approach to marketing, communication and PR. As one of the youngsters in the team Meri already has half a decade within digital marketing in her hiking backpack, and knows who to poke when we have cool updates and stories to share. You never have to ask her what she did over the weekend, as it’s a safe bet it involved an outdoorsy activity (or you saw her always updated Snapchat-story).