Two new engineers join team – get to know the (remote) team

Living in Oxford and previously working remotely as a Software Developer for, Odin Hørte Omdal decided it was time to take on new challenges within the video communication world. While working within the media industry for several years, using as remote working tool, Aksel Nordal also wanted to join in on the party. I've had a chat with our new team members about joining the team and remote work culture.

Odin Hørte Omdal and Aksel Nordal have both joined the engineering team this summer

Odin Hørte Omdal and Aksel Nordal have both joined the engineering team this summer

An Office With Remote Policies = A Bit of Both Worlds

Odin Hørte Omdal, Senior Software Engineer

Odin Hørte Omdal, Senior Software Engineer

Odin first stumbled into the remote work trend at after originally looking for something where they would accept him staying about half a year in England.

"When I chanced upon a fully remote company I wanted to try it out. That worked very well, but I have missed being able to come in and see my colleagues which is something I'm really excited to be getting now. A place like where you can both work remotely and come in to the office sounded perfect. Two in one!", says Odin when asked about why he decided to change baits.

Odin recently joined us from previously being in a fully remote position at Luminati, where he realized he wanted a bit of both worlds. While we both encourage and allow remote work at, we have an office in downtown Oslo with space for everybody. Odin has already been to the office in Oslo twice since joining the team.

From user to creator

Aksel Nordal, Senior Software Engineer

Aksel Nordal, Senior Software Engineer

Aksel previously worked for some of Norway's largest media houses, where he had daily co-working sessions with development teams and stakeholders spread out around Norway and across Europe.

Aksel is familiar with using collaboration tools such as Github, G suite, Slack and with remote colleagues, and is excited to now develop one of the products in his daily toolbox. While he doesn't think one digital tool alone can ever replace a good "tête-à-tête" – he thinks they work excellent in combination with each other for the modern remote team.

"At I'm shaping a next-generation video conferencing tool for the next-generation of workers as a part of my day job!," he says about now developing as a collaboration tool.

Benefits of being able to work remotely

In both Oslo and Oxford, where Odin currently lives with his girlfriend, Odin has several different places that he rotates between, in addition to working from his home office. Sometimes he prefers a quiet office, other times being out with people is more appealing. In addition, Odin is not a stranger when it comes to bringing work along when discovering new countries and places.

"We love to travel, and we've had a few work-cations the last two years since we've both been remote. It's also very nice to be able to switch work locations inside your own city. Another benefit is of course being able to have a cuddle with our cat Timmi Bristol whenever you want."

Aksel, who has two kids, is looking forward to spend more time with his family discovering new places and bringing them along on adventures from time to time;

"It's nice to be able to work remotely while travelling – especially if the location is far from home. Maybe I will bring work along and add some extra days after a holiday. Or maybe even bring my family to some remote location for a longer period of time. Who knows, the options are endless!"

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