3 ways to imPROve your meetings with PRO screen sharing!


3 ways PRO screen sharing will imPROve your meetings

At appear.in we're convinced technology can connect you and let you work productively together from several locations. Being up to 12 people while screen sharing is great for remote presentations, demo sessions and not to mention brainstorming sessions. Here are 3 ways appear.in PRO screen sharing lets you get more done when working with remote team mates and customers.

1. Present professionally with presenter's view 📈 👀 📊

Give your presentations a human touch with presenters view! See the person who's presenting, or be seen when going through your presentation. When you share your screen in the FREE plan, your video feed is replaced by the screen you share. With Presenter View in appear.in PRO, we add an additional feed to your screen – so your guests can see your face and your shared screen at the same time! 👌

2. Auto-Fullscreen

Attention please! Yes, that's right! PRO screen sharing has auto-fullscreen, where a shared screen will automatically be "full-screened" for everyone in the room. A super convenient feature if it's the first time your guests are using appear.in and you want to avoid explaining how to full-screen a video. Auto-Fullscreen also ensures all eyes are on the screen being shared if it's a busy meeting where getting everybody's attention can sometimes be hard.

3. No time limitation 

Yep, that's right! You can screen share into the eternity of eternities. While the FREE version of appear.in offers 20 minutes of basic screen sharing in unclaimed rooms, appear.in PRO has no time limitation. ⏲

*We do however encourage and recommend short meeting breaks from time to time. Get everybody to stretch their legs and get a screen break every hour at least 😆

(4. It works on smartphones!)

Guests can easily view and listen to shared presentations from their smartphone if they don't have their laptop nearby. Screen sharing is even supported in audio-only mode in the appear.in iOS app!

Wait! How do I share my screen using appear.in? 🤔

Screen sharing is supported in appear.in, in fact it is one of the most used features! To share your screen, click the Share screen button in the bottom toolbar.

Note that if you're using Chrome, you'll need to have an extension for Screen sharing. The reason you have to install an extension is that Chrome wants to increase the security around allowing websites to capture the contents of your screen.  Chrome will also allow you to choose what tab or application screen you would like to share.

Go to our pricing page to learn more about features in appear.in PRO.