The Remote Future Summit 2019 - The Making-Of

At we believe that remote work is the future and that people can grow successful companies and live meaningful lives anywhere. We enable this by building tools for productive collaboration, and sometimes by partnering up with other companies that are on the same mission. Remote How organizes The Remote Future Summit, one of the biggest virtual conference about remote work! Read more about the making of the conference and the mission they are on 👇


Guest blog post by: Dominika Miazek, Marketing Intern at Remote How

The past few weeks at Remote-how have been one of the busiest and at the same time the most exciting. The whole team has been focused on putting together, promoting, and delivering the largest virtual conference about remote work - The Remote Future Summit. It is the second edition of the event that will be streamed online between the 15th and 17th of May. Although the last year’s Summit was a huge success, this year we have much more ambitious goals - we plan to beat the number of 5,000 viewers in 2018. This year’s conference will also be more interactive and you can expect a mix of pre-recorded content with live sessions.

In our opinion, the most exciting and valuable part of the conference lays in the content itself. Not to brag, but with over 40 speakers from companies like Buffer, OwlLabs, Microsoft or Hubspot, the line-up is impressive, to say the least. The whole Summit is divided into 3 parts – the Remote Makers track, the Future of Work track, and the Hands-On track, so there’s something for everyone. Thanks to its virtual format, you can access the conference from wherever in the world you happen to be at its time.

So how did we actually manage to make that happen? Let me take you behind the scenes of the Remote Future Summit 2019.

To start with myself, together with the communications team, we have been reviewing all the videos that we received from our speakers. We needed to make sure that the videos and presentations are mistake-free, that the sound and visuals are of good quality, and that all keynotes are aligned and go well together. We also had to prepare the required information for production. Assembling the animations and banners you will see prior to every video was a walk in the park compared to designing them from scratch. Aligning the presentation slides with the audio for each speaker was a long process but far from boring! Having carefully watched almost every single keynote, I was left with comprehensive knowledge about remote work. So, **Spoiler Alert**, get ready to be overthrown with the content we have prepared for you!

With the target of reaching an audience of thousands people, we joined forces with the sales team and started promotion activities at full speed. It wasn’t long before we were able to gather several like-minded ‘ambassadors’ who eagerly supported us with bruting about the conference.

One thing that you might not be aware of, is the fact that at Remote-how we are a fully remote team. What does that mean? It means patience - a lot of it. Being located in over 10 countries and 5 time zones makes communication slightly different compared to having everyone in one office. You can’t ask a colleague to look over your shoulder and quickly give you feedback. Every question or comment goes through our internal communication channels that include Twist, Asana, or email. As you can imagine, receiving an answer often takes a hard second, especially when the beginning of a working day for one person means the end for the other. With time being of the essence we also needed to make sure up front that everyone is clear on their tasks and that we all follow the same guidelines for reviewing the videos.

While I’m writing this, some of my colleagues are enjoying the beautiful nature of Thailand while the others, the sun rays of Spain. I’m currently in Vietnam in the middle of a crazy learning experience - the one you can only encounter while working remotely. Our goal as a team is to embolden others to join us on this adventure not only through our services or products but through our actions and lifestyles. The freedom of choosing for yourself where or when you do the work has been our team’s inspiration for putting together the Remote Future Summit in the first place.

With all the event-related hard work being behind us now, we can only hope that the audience will enjoy watching the final result. Without further ado, I’d like to once more encourage you to sign up and join us and thousands of others for the Remote Future Summit 2019.

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