Hello Trello! Say hi to the new appear.in Trello integration πŸ‘‹

Open interactive Trello boards directly in your appear.in video meetings. Engage with all the remote participants and be more productive than ever!

Get everyone involved

Run meetings where everybody feels included. The new Trello integration ensures your team and coworkers feel like they can contribute from remote locations when you have standups, planning or workshops. Up until now this has been notoriously hard in video meetings, but not anymore! When everyone sees the board and each others faces, it visualises the team members and tasks at the same time. The interactivity between Trello and appear.in make team updates more productive as you don't have to separately update lists, sheets or to-do's. YAAAAY! Right?

Create a deeper level of commitment

The new appear.in Trello integration lets you manage your team with style! Admit it, you want to be the cool, futuristic and productive team-mate or leader. From today on you can be exactly that by including post-it sessions and remote brainstorming in your video meetings, while you follow up and tag people to tasks – right there in the video meeting! Nobody can ever pretend they didn't see, read, hear or notice that they've been tagged in a task card ever again. Boom! Commitment!

Here's a few things we have used the integration for in the appear.in team:

  • Daily standup – We've talked through the board while everyone sees cards being moved
  • Planning meetings – WeΒ΄ve decided on tasks and created cards together, and assign responsibilities for follow-up
  • Workshops - We've used the Trello board as a wall where people can add ideas or suggestions, and sort them
  • Brainstorming - We've had the whole team add ideas at the same time! So much fun!
  • Voting - We added the β€œVote” power-up in Trello, and let people vote on the cards they like in the appear.in meeting. AWESOME and a bit meta!

Aaaand here's how it works..



1 πŸ”— Paste a link to a Trello board in the text chat in appear.in

2 πŸ‘† Click β€œopen for everyone”

3  πŸŽ‰   The board will then open for everyone in the room to interact with

Read more about how to use appear.in and Trello together!

Our integration showcased in the Keynote on Atlassian Summit 2017!

Our integration showcased in the Keynote on Atlassian Summit 2017!

Interactive Trello cards and boards are now available on apps and websites near you. You can now embed Trello cards and boards directly into Bitbucket, Confluence, Dropbox Paper, Microsoft Teams, and appear.in.
— Michael Pryor, Trello


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